Carpet Cleaning

Our method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning and is also known as hot water extraction. It is the number one recommended cleaning method by most carpet manufacturers.

Our technicians will move and replace most furniture. All furniture will be placed back in its original location with protective tabs placed under all of the legs. Our Technicians also pre-spray the carpets with a spot removal product and an enzyme pre-treatment, free of charge.

Carpets can be walked on immediately following the cleaning, but we do recommend wearing clean rubber soled shoes or sandals until the carpet is completely dry. Drying time can vary depending on many things such as the thickness or grade of carpet and the humidity of the room. The average carpet will usually dry in 6 to 24 hours. A way to decrease the drying time would be by increasing airflow such as having fans on, windows opened or a dehumidifier. However, it is important to not turn up the heat too high in winter as this will add to the humidity in homes, and can actually add time to the drying of your carpets.

Rotary Scrubbing

In addition to steam cleaning, here at Super Value Home Services we also offer rotary scrubbing and shampooing services for carpets that are in need of a more aggressive cleaning! Your carpet may require rotary scrubbing if it is older, lighter in colour, or if it has been subjected to heavy traffic. Rotary scrubbing is done prior to steam cleaning, and looks very much like a floor waxer. The rotary scrubbing machine scrubs deep into the fibers of the carpet for a deeper aggressive clean. This cleaning method is optional, but it may be recommended based on the condition of your carpet for optimum results! If this method is recommended, it would  be an additional charge to add this service on to the Basic Steam Cleaning Package.

Pet Odours

carpet cleaningSuper Value Home Services carries 3 levels of Deodorizers and Disinfectants. The severity of the odour will dictate which product is recommended to be applied. Whatever your pet odor problem, we have your solution!

Not only are all of our services guaranteed, but so are our products. The guarantee states that if the odour persists after the first treatment, a second application will be reapplied at no additional charge within two weeks of the original service date. In most cases, one application is more than sufficient, however in severe cases a second application may be necessary. We do ask that all requests for second treatments be made only after the product has had sufficient time to perform its function. Typically three to seven days is the life cycle of our products. If after cleaning and two treatments, the odour persists; the contaminants have likely reached the under-pad or the interior foam.

On these special occurrences the options are to either inject the foam or pad directly with an appropriate disinfectant or physically remove the contaminated portion of the pad or foam. The decision to have any deodorizer disinfectant or anti-microbial disinfectant applied is made solely by the homeowner in consultation with the technician and would be an additional charge to the Basic Steam Cleaning Package.

Stain Removal

Stains that do not respond to regular steam cleaning or scrubbing may require special chemical treatments.

Stains such as kool-aid, rust, coffee, cellulosic browning, paint, oil, grease, makeup, gum, and wax are all examples of stains that usually require a specific chemical process.

Prices for stain removal are typically priced out on site. Our goal is to get your carpets as clean as possible, as economically as possible. We will always try our best to remove as many stains as possible with the Basic Steam Cleaning. Any additional stain removal products would be optional. The decision to have any stain removal work done is made solely by the homeowner in consultation with the technician.

It should be noted that successful removal of stains by steam cleaning alone often has more to do with the quality of the carpet then the process. Stain master carpets or those protected with similar forms of fabric protectors, consistently release stains more successfully than unprotected carpets and furniture. If a client is happy with the results of the cleaning and stain removal, then it is recommended to apply a Teflon based fabric protector to ensure the future protection of carpet or furniture.

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