Air Conditioners

Just like your furnace requires annual maintenance, similarly, your Air Conditioner should have annual preventative maintenance and inspection performed. We know the kind of weather we have; one moment it is freezing cold, and then suddenly we are hit by a MASSIVE heatwave but, don’t worry we have you covered! Correspondingly, we want you to have a cool comfortable home in the summer in addition to a warm home in the winter.

Air Conditioner Installations

In the event that you find yourself in need of a new Air Conditioner, our Technicians can provide options that are best suited for your home. Surprisingly, many of our clients are caught off guard when their Air Conditioner breaks down and needs to be replaced or repaired.


When we come to your home for your free in home consultation, our Technician will sit down with you and answer all your questions. Our Brand of Choice when it comes to HVAC Equipment is Lennox. However, if you would prefer a brand other than Lennox there are other options available to you as well! We offer flexible payment options so you can feel comfortable knowing that you have a reliable option.

Replacement of your Air Conditioner can be expensive, and in reality many people cannot afford to pay for a new one outright. Because of this, we partner with Manitoba Hydro who offers a great program in place to help ensure that your new unit is affordable for you! Our Office Staff and HVAC Technicians can answer most of your questions about this program, but more information can be found on their website here.

Common Air Conditioner Models

In order to make your decision as easy as possible, below are several models that we commonly install in homes for clients along with links directly to the Lennox website.

Air Conditioner Repairs

Of course we understand your busy family schedule. Correspondingly, we offer service calls 6 days a week and will provide quotes as soon as possible, sometimes same day! Repairs are done Monday – Friday between 8am – 4:30pm so that if something goes wrong, all our suppliers are open and we can get you fixed up as soon as possible. For that reason, it is our goal to find the issue and have it repaired in a safe, and quick manner. Overall, this allows you to get back to your busy schedule with as little disruption as possible.

Annual Maintenance and Inspection

Equally important, Preventative Maintenance on your Air Conditioner will help ensure that you get the most life out of your system. For that reason, our standard A/C Annual Maintenance and Inspection tests every part of your Air Conditioner and is currently only $179.95 +TAXES. Our inspection will make sure everything is operating at it’s top performance, and we always provide repair options when required in order to save you the most money.

Our Full Safety Inspection & Cleaning Includes:
 1. Pre-Service Operation Test  (Is it working on arrival? Model? Serial? How old?)
 2. Condenser
 3. Fan
 4. Contactor
 5. Wiring
 6. Evaporator (if Accessible)
 7. Refrigerant Piping & Insulation
 8. Condensate Drain
 9. Compressor & Amps Measured
 10. Outdoor Fan Motor & Amps Measured
 11. Indoor Fan Motor & Amps Measured
 12. Inspection of Indoor A/C Coil (Additional Charge if cleaning required)
 13. Washing of the Outdoor Condensing Unit
 14. Post Service Operation Test
 15. Measure Temperature Fall
 16. Thermostat Setting
 17. Clean Area (We’re not going to make a mess in your home)

A-Coil/Evaporator Cleaning

An evaporator coil (or A-Coil) is located indoors and is generally installed above your furnace or as part of your air handler. This is a very important piece of your cooling system as it absorbs heat from the indoor air that passes over it. Specifically, the coil essentially serves as a “heat exchanger,” working with your heating system in the winter and your cooling system in the summer. A dirty indoor coil lowers the efficiency and performance of your total system due to restricted airflow. In the long run, it is important to have your coil cleaned regularly to keep your system operating at design performance. However, they are often difficult to access and thus, not cleaned regularly. In order to ensure that your A-Coil is cleaned correctly and thoroughly, you should always have a licenced HVAC Technician perform the cleaning.

Accordingly, our A-Coil Cleaning starts at only $129.00 + Taxes. Given that access and cleanliness can vary, the final price may vary depending on what our Technicians find onsite.

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