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Carpets & Furniture

What is the best method of cleaning carpets and furniture?

There are many different types of cleaning methods. Each system has both advantages as well as disadvantages. It has been common practice within our industry to include statements and opinions about these advantages and disadvantages in advertisements.
Unfortunately, most of these statements are just opinions. Additionally, they are usually slanted in such a manner as to confuse or scare people into believing that other cleaning methods will cause damage. This has resulted in a great deal of misunderstanding and fear which has resulted in distrust of carpet cleaners. It is too bad that some companies in our industry have engaged in this type of negative advertising. None of the methods of cleaning have intentions to cause damage or achieve poor results. All of today’s viable carpet cleaning systems are designed to handle some general or specific cleaning problem.

As professionals, we understand how to determine the best approach to many different situations. Clearly the needs of a large institutional facility, with a limited and relatively untrained cleaning staff will differ from a restoration contractor that is involved in very complex and highly technical problems. Another important point to consider is that no carpet cleaning method is capable of cleaning a carpet by itself. There must be an operator. The skill of the operator is just as important as the method used, if not more so.

You can attribute most of the negative aspects of carpet cleaning methods to operator error. Steam Cleaning doesn’t shrink, rot, or otherwise damage your carpets. Nor does Rotary Scrub and Shampoo leave a residue. Operator education is one of the most important aspects of carpet cleaning. The biggest cause of issues with carpet cleaning is operators that need proper training. Part of training is equipment maintenance, not taking short cuts, and being mindful of the job they are performing. With this in mind, Super Value Home Services has made it a priority to hire and train highly skilled employees. People truly are our strength.

How long do I have to stay off the carpets and furniture after cleaning?

You can walk on the carpets immediately after cleaning, provided you wear clean in door runners or sandals. We do not recommend walking with Socks or bare feet or sitting on wet furniture until it is dry.

How long should it take for carpets or furniture to dry?

Typically a carpet will take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to completely dry. Furniture usually only requires 3 to 12 hours. However, it is important to note that the drying time does depend on many different factors. The thickness and grade of a carpet or fabric, household humidity, and any additional products affect drying time. A thicker material will naturally absorb more moisture than a thinner one and will increase the dry time. Higher humidity levels in a home results in slower evaporation and will also increase the length of drying time. Furthermore, finishing products such as a stain guard or disinfectant adds more moisture. This too will increase the drying time.

Will turning my heat up speed up the drying time?

As noted above, household humidity plays a big role in the drying of your carpets or furniture. Turning up your heat can actually work against you by increasing the humidity in your home. Cool air and increased airflow are the most effective options to accelerate drying.

Are your products safe for children and pets?

Yes, all products at Super Value Home Services are biodegradable and non-allergenic. We choose to use the safest products available because we work mostly in residential homes. Safety always comes first at Super Value Home Services.

Do I have to leave the house while it’s being cleaned?

No, in most cases you can remain in the home or business at the time of cleaning. You are free to move about the premises while we work. All of our Technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured if you do wish to leave. We will require a payment method if you do wish to leave.

Do I have to move all my furniture out of the rooms being cleaned?

No, we sends out two technicians (whenever possible) for each appointment, and they will move and replace most furniture. However, if you do have small breakables, plants, and/or knick-knacks on furniture we ask that you remove them yourself. It is the customers responsibility to move items like entertainment units, china cabinets, pianos, bookcases. Our Technicians will move the funiture forward and then back to its original location. They also place protective tabs under all wood or metal legs. Furniture that lies flat on the carpet must remain off the carpet until it is completely dry. If there is not enough room to move the furniture that is flat, they will remain in place and we will clean around it.

Do I need to vacuum my carpets before having them cleaned

Steam Cleaning gets down to the core and fibres of the carpets. Our equipment is designed to get to the core and extracts well over 80% of the water when we do the cleaning, it doesn’t pick up things that a vacuum is designed to get.

For best results for the steam cleaning, please give your carpets a light vacuum prior to us coming out to give your carpets the treatment they deserve.


Does cleaning my ducts really improve my indoor air quality?

Yes, regular cleaning of your household ducts improves the quality of your indoor air. Every time your furnace fan goes on it is blowing contaminants from your ventilation system into your living environment for you and your family to breathe in. These contaminants range from allergy and disease causing dust, animal dander, mouse droppings, insects, dust mites, fungus, bacteria, mold and tobacco residue. These are just a few of the contaminants often found within a household’s duct work.

Can my ducts be cleaned if I have security, phone lines, or internet wires running through them?

Yes, we at Super Value Home Services are aware that the modern home often has many cables or wires running through its duct work. Our method of cleaning does not damage any cables or wires. We use the whip and skipper ball method, which swirls and bounces within your ducts, safely dislodging a majority of the material for a safe and thorough extraction.


How can I control pet stains on my yard?

There are two relatively simple options to deal with this, you can cut out the dead spot and water thoroughly before reseeding that area or simply use sod to replace the dead area. We recommend watering down the areas where your dog urinates right away to avoid the grass being ‘burned’ by the urine. Those ugly dead spots your dog leaves behind are really just the urine containing too much nitrogen for the grass to break down in such a small concentrated space. Male dogs have the same concentraction of nitrogen in their urine, however, it is usually more spread out.

Can my children or pets play on the yard after a weed control product has been applied?

You should always allow the lawn to dry thoroughly before letting kids or pets play on it. It is always the best option to give your lawn 24 hours dry time after product application, especially if you are unsure about the directions for drying time.

Why are the cores left on my lawn after I get an aeration?

As the cores break down in about a week or two they will provide nutrients to your lawn.

Is there a right and wrong way to mow my lawn?
Yes. Alternate the direction in which you mow each mowing session. You will thereby prevent your grass from “getting into a rut” (literally). If your lawn mower wheels pass over the same area in the same direction each time you mow, they’ll form ruts over time. Switching lawn mowing patterns also wisely avoids having the lawn mower blade beating at the grass in the same direction at every mowing.
Why do you leave grass clippings on my lawn?
Leaving grass clippings on the lawn becomes a problem only if they are too thick. If you mow the lawn before it gets overly tall, the grass clippings will not be sufficient to warrant raking. We have mulching lawn mowers to avoid this problem.
Can you fertilize right after a core aeration or power raking?
Yes, in fact it is the best time to have your first application applied to your lawn. Core aeration and power raking will enhance your lawn’s ability to receive the fertilizer and thus result in a healthier and greener lawn!


Why bother cleaning your home?

People In North America spend about half of every day inside their homes. In Manitoba, with our colder climate, this number is likely even higher. The cleanliness of our home can greatly impact our health. A healthy home can support wellness, while helping to prevent disease and injury. An unhealthy home can contribute to numerous adverse health outcomes and limit quality of life. There are many aspects of a home that make it healthy. The top 3 would probably be:

1. Keep it dry

Water damage and resulting mold growth is always of concern. See our Flood/Water Damage page for more info.

2. Keep it clean

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, carpet and upholstery should be very high on your list of items to professionally clean. Carpets should be professionally steam cleaned every 12-18 months, and upholstery should be done every one to three years. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how your family interacts with the carpets and upholstery. Homes with small children and animals will need to have them done more frequently than people living alone with no children or pets. Furniture and especially carpets are always dirtier then they appear. Carpet is in fact designed to hide and capture dirt. Dust mites, fleas, insects, human hair, and skin are some of the more common types of debris regularly found in furniture and carpet. Airborne carbon, tobacco and automotive exhaust also rank high in independent studies of types of soils found in our carpets and furniture. Over exposure to these type of contaminants can often contribute to a range of health problems from allergies and asthma to lung cancer (related to smoke and tobacco). A clean home, truly is a healthier home.

3. Have good ventilation

The ventilation system of your home acts as the lungs of your home. The air inside your ventilation system is the very air you in fact breathe. Having your ducts cleaned regularly not only reduces the presence of house molds, dust and allergens, but it can increase air quality and lower energy costs. In addition to cleaning your ducts regularly, having your furnace and air conditioner tuned up and cleaned will also add to both the cleanliness and efficiency of your home. As an added precaution, we also recommend having your dryer vent cleaned at the same time. Clogged or dirty dryer vents are often found to be the culprit of way too many house fires. Clean dryer vents will not only make your home safer, but more energy efficient as well.

A healthy home is clean, safe, well maintained and well ventilated. A healthy home is free of dust, dirt, mold, moisture and other household contaminants.

What is your cancellation policy?

At Super Value Home Services, we have a very fair cancellation policy! Because we’re flexible and offer same day and next day service, we give you a call the business day before to give you a time.

All you need to do is give us a call the morning before your appointment, if we need to reschedule. Life sometimes gets in the way though, we get that! If life gets in the way after you’ve received your appointment time, we just take a fee of $94.26 + GST. Once we complete the work, we take it off the invoice as a credit. That way you know we will be there for you for sure when you’re ready to have the work done. Any subsequent cancellations are still subject to a $94.26 + GST fee, while leaving the $95.24 credit on file for you. Additionally, if you choose to cancel any contract services early, they are subject to a $99.95 administration fee.

What method of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, E-Transfer, Visa, or Mastercard.
Do we do residential and commercial cleaning?

Yes we do! You can find information about Commercial Duct Cleaning and our estimate process here.

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