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Spring Clean-Up Regular Special
Up to 1 Man Hour of Yard Cleanup, Power Raking $200.00 $169.95
Spring Starter
Power Raking and 1 Fertilizer Application $190.00 $159.95
Super Spring Combo
Up to 1 Man Hour of Yard Cleanup, Power Raking, and 1 Fertilizer Application $270.00 $199.95
Weed Free Lawn Program
Includes 2 full spray applications of the entire lawn with Fiesta Weed Control and 1 follow up spot treatment of visible weeds if required.6 $300.00 $249.95
3 Season Fertilizer Program
3 separate fertilizer treatments applied in spring, summer, and fall. This program uses granular fertilizer mixtures specifically selected for your lawn. These promote healthy turf throughout the seasons.5 $270.00 $229.95
Lawn Contract
We provide weekly or bi-weekly lawn cuts, booked on a monthly basis, leaving the clippings to provide essential nutrients.1⁵ $300.00 $209.95

Single Services Available

Power Raking² $99.95
Core Aeration⁵ $99.95
Power Broom/Sweep ³ $79.95
Single Lawn Cut $79.95
Single Fertilizer Application ⁷ $89.95
Yard Clean Up ⁴ $99.95

All services must be prepaid, are based upon 2000 ft², and are subject to 5% GST.

Bags are left on site. We use recyclable bags that the city will pick up at no charge.

There is an administration fee of $99.95 to all contracts canceled prematurely.

¹ Up to 4 Cuts per month

² Price includes up to 5 Bags. Additional Bags are $3/bag. If over 2000ft², each 500ft² is $10 extra

³ Price Includes 750ft² of boulevard or lawn. Additional $10/per 250ft². If this service is done at the same time as any other lawn service, you are eligible for an additional $20.00 discount.

⁴ Only $39.95/per ½ hour after the first hour included. Price is per man hour.

⁵ If over 2000 ft², each 500 ft² is $7.50 extra

⁶ If over 2000 ft², each 500 ft² is $12.50 extra

⁷ In order for a successful application, lawn must be watered within 24 hours of completion of service. If Fiesta Weed Control was applied at the same time, lawn cannot be watered for 3 hours after application.

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