Manitoba Hydro offers Residential Loan Programs for new HVAC equipment installations. They offer a competitive interest rates and financing periods. In addition, the monthly payments go onto your monthly bill. This makes it easier then ever to get new High Efficiency HVAC Equipment in your home!

Home Energy Efficiency Loan

The Home Energy Efficiency Loan is for the installation of High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces. With this program, you can finance up to $5,500 towards this installation through Hydro.

For more information about the Home Energy Efficiency Loan program, please visit the Manitoba Hydro Website.

Energy Finance Plan

The Energy Finance Plan is very similar to the HEEL Program but is for the installation of new Hot Water Tanks and Air Conditioners. Similarly to the HEEL Program, you can finance up to $5,000 towards either equipment install through Hydro.

For more information about the Energy Finance Plan, please visit the Manitoba Hydro Website.

Application Process

If you are interested in either program, we can set up a FREE Installation Estimate and the paperwork can be filled out during this appointment. All of our Install Estimates are attended by a Licensed HVAC Technician. As a result, they will have application forms with them and can discuss the financing options with you.

To make the application process quick and easy, please ensure you have the following information on hand:

1.    Manitoba Hydro Account Number.

2.    Mortgage Holder (Bank the Mortgage is Through).

3.    Mortgage Balance.

4.    Mortgage Payment (Monthly).

5.    Insurance Company (Specifically That Holds Their Fire Insurance).

6.    Fire Insurance Value (Amount of Coverage).

7.    The Name on the Title For Their Home.

·       All people that are on the Title for the home, MUST be home at the time of the appointment in order to sign the paperwork. If there are two people on the title and only one is able to be home, it must be scheduled when both are home.

8.    Source of Income (Either Employer or Pension information).

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