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POWER RAKING  – $119.95

powerrake_lawnThatch is a combination of dead and living material that accumulates over time on the soil surface due to such factors as over-fertilization, over-watering, and/or soil compaction. A small amount of thatch is beneficial because it helps to moderate soil temperature fluctuations. However, too much thatch interferes with water and air movement, reduces fertilizer and pesticide response, and increases the chances for disease and insect damage.

Power raking is a great way to remove this excess thatch. The best time of year for a power raking is in the early spring once the ground has had a chance to dry, however, this service can also be applied in early fall so long as your lawn has had a chance to recover before going into winter dormancy. You can begin to determine if thatch is a problem on your lawn by keeping an eye out for dry and dead patches of grass and an unusual sponginess or springiness when you walk on it.

Remove a pie-shaped plug of grass with a knife or trowel, or remove a core with a soil probe. Dig deep enough to get some of the soil below. Carefully examine the plug so that you can identify the soil, the grass, and the spongy thatch layer in between. Then measure the depth of the thatch. One-half inch of thatch or less is not a problem. If there is more than that it is time for a thatch management program.

aeration-plugs CORE AERATION – $119.95

Core aeration quite simply is the mechanical removal of small cores or plugs of soil from a lawn using an aeration machine. The cores are left on the lawn and break down over time. Consequently, they return valuable nutrients and microorganisms to the soil. If you notice areas of compaction from foot traffic or standing water after a rain, you may want to consider this process. However, even a healthy lawn can benefit from annual aeration.

Aerating your lawn is one of the most beneficial things you can do to create a lush, healthy, green, and weed free lawn. Particularly, it increases water absorption, stimulates root development, reduces soil compaction, enhances thatch breakdown, and increases the tolerance to heat and drought stress.  Spring or fall are the best times to have a lawn aerated.


A great way to help grow healthy grass and have a lush, thick lawn this season is to apply fertilizer. We have a great 3 season program that is specially designed to promote the best growth possible all seasons. The spring application is designed to promote healthy growth. The summer application is designed to help it through the hot heat of the summer. And our fall application helps get your lawn ready for the next season, helping to ensure the winter cold doesn’t do as much damage to your lawn.


By far and away the best weed and insect prevention is maintaining a healthy and lush lawn.

Starting a good maintenance program and continuing that program are keys to success. However, weeds and insects are opportunistic and will take advantage of any desirable situation that comes about. This can be anything from heat stress to not enough/too much watering. With weed issues, it is important to identify the cause so that preventative steps can be taken in the future.

Our Weed Free Program includes 2 full spray applications of the entire lawn with Trillion or Part III.

If required, we will do a 3rd follow up application. These products are potent and thus, should only be applied to your lawn twice in a season.


Have weeds taken over your gravel areas? No matter what type of plastic layer lies beneath the gravel small parts of dust and organic matter allow weeds to take root. These can take over rather quickly and if you spray the weeds they seem to come back stronger then ever. Part of the problem is the remains are adding to the amount of organic debris available. As a result, those weeds to grow back even stronger.

The one true long-term solution for this problem is to replace all the gravel. We will be happy to give you a free estimate. However, if you have a more budget conscious approach, you may consider manual de-weeding instead. It usually takes two to three hours to completely de-weed an area. Once it is complete, we can spray a herbicide as an extra preventative measure. Below are some before and after pictures from de-weeding we have completed.

lawn careMONTHLY LAWN CUTTING SERVICE  – $239.95/month

We will take great pride in maintaining your lawn for you. Accordingly, we will trim all edges and blow refuse off all sidewalks and driveways to leave a neatly manicured lawn. After the first cut we complete, if conditions allow, we will mulch clippings and leave on your lawn. This provides more natural nutrients for your turf.

Our services are available citywide and we cannot stress enough how important it is to call us early to set up an appointment. We try our best to give same day or next day service for our free estimates.

Please Note:

There is an administration fee of $99.95 to all contracts canceled prematurely.

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