Power Raking


Power Raking

Power Raking your lawn is an easy way to manage the amount of thatch your lawn has. Thatch is a combination of dead and living material that accumulates over time on the soil surface. This can occur due to over-fertilization, over-watering, and/or soil compaction. A small amount is beneficial because it helps to moderate soil temperature fluctuations. However, too much interferes with water and air movement, reduces fertilizer and pesticide response, and increases the chances for disease and insect damage.

Power raking is a great way to remove excess thatch. The best time of year is in early spring once the ground has had a chance to dry. However, it can also be performed in early fall so long as your lawn has a chance to recover before going into winter dormancy. You can begin to determine if thatch is a problem on your lawn by keeping an eye out for dry and dead patches of grass and an unusual sponginess or springiness when you walk on it.

Remove a pie-shaped plug of grass with a knife or trowel, or remove a core with a soil probe. Dig deep enough to get some of the soil below. Carefully examine the plug so that you can identify the soil, the grass, and the spongy thatch layer in between. Then measure the depth of the thatch. One-half inch or less is not a problem. If there is more than that it is time for a management program.

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