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Let Us Clear The Air This Black Friday!
Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day and the Friday before Cyber Monday in the United States. Who says because we live in Canada that we aren’t able to add another day of savings on our calendars?

Let us clear the air this year and take the black out of black Friday! And by black, we mean the dirty air in your home! We want you to be able to enjoy all the scents of the fall season without breathing dusty and dirty air!

When something is out of sight, it tends to usually be out of mind. Unfortunately, your duct system falls into that category. Often times, people don’t realize they need a duct cleaning until they see dust build up on the outside of their registers. By this point, your duct system can be pretty filthy!


Book Your Duct Cleaning For November, and Get $40.00 off! 

Duct Cleaning: Regularly priced is $299.95 but, I can get it done for you at the discounted price of $259.95. This includes up to and including:

  • 2 Main Ducts and 15 Vents

We are using one of the newer methods on the market which uses whipper lines and skipper balls. The whipper lines and skipper balls gently whip against the sides of your ducts, safely dislodging a majority of materials for a safe and thorough extraction. This newer method allows us to get further into your ventilation system as well as it is able to clean the corners of the ducts. It also allows us to clean your ventilation system without the worry of severing or disconnecting any security or cable wires that may run through your system.

(Work must be completed in November 2018. Most homes fit into our Standard Package, however, upon arrival, we will do a walkthrough of your home to assess your system to ensure that you fit into this package. If your system is larger than the Standard Package, our Technicians will let you know and show you the additional components of your system that are accessible to clean. You would then have a choice on whether or not you would like to also have those components cleaned or to add on any other premium products for an additional charge. Price is excluding taxes. Must mention this email when scheduling. This offer cannot be combined with any other specials, coupons or promotions).

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