Carpet StretchingCarpet Stretching

Are you noticing that your carpets are starting to bubble, ripple and creating a tripping hazard in your home?  Over time, carpets naturally stretch out and become loose creating this rippling effect. The more traffic there is on a carpet, the quicker the carpets will stretch out. These ripples are commonly tripped over and are a common eye sore for many home owners. Carpet Stretching or replacement of the carpets is the only way to get the carpets looking smooth again. Replacing carpets can get very expensive. Carpet Stretching is part of the normal maintenance required to extend your carpet’s life, and is a lot cheaper than replacing them!

Say goodbye to the carpet that you and your family continue to trip over! At Super Home Services, we have professionally trained technicians who will come to your home and take care of this unattractive tripping hazard with our great stretching technology. We will find the best direction to pull the carpets to make sure you have a smooth carpet that you won’t be tripping over. We remove the base board on the wall and pull the carpet with our tools and kick it into place, cutting the excess carpet, leaving it flush, and smooth. Give us a call and we will have your carpet looking great!

We also always recommend steam cleaning the carpets that require stretching first. The carpets must be completely dried prior to stretching them. You don’t want to wait too long to stretch your carpets; if they are left in a loose and lumpy position, it could leave wear marks that look lumpy but are completely flat.


Carpet Stretching Pricing Guide:

Before scheduling in an appointment, we schedule in an Estimate to make sure that the carpets can be stretched. The Estimate is only $30.00 + GST and is applied to the cost of the job when completed. Carpet Stretching is a time based service that we provide. Once the technician has completed the first 30 minutes of service, a client may evaluate the progress made and decide if they would like the technician to proceed. The time required to do a carpet stretching service is all dependent on furniture being removed, severity of the rippling/bubbling, as well as, the size and complexity of the area requiring the service.

  • First 30 minutes of service – $99.95 +Taxes
  • Each additional 30 minutes of service required – $69.95 +Taxes

We recommend that clients who are booking in a Carpet Stretching service remove all of the furniture from the rooms that we are coming out to service to help save on the total cost of the job to the client. Our Carpet Stretching Technicians are able to move furniture from any rooms being serviced, however, this would be counted as additional time and would be charged at the same time based rate as the stretching itself. If you do require our Technician(s) to move the furniture from the rooms being serviced, please let us know upon booking your appointment in so that we may ensure that the proper amount of time is allotted to your work order.

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