Pet Odours

carpent cleaningSuper Value Home Services carries a complete line of deodorizers and disinfectants. The correct product is always recommended depending on your specific situation. The severity of the odor and its origins dictates which product is warranted. Be it a general deodorizer, a deodorizer/disinfectant, or an anti-microbial treatment. Whatever your pet odor problem, Super Value Home Services has your solution!

All of our products are guaranteed. The guarantee states that if the odour persists after the first treatment, a second application will be reapplied at no additional charge. In most cases one application is more than sufficient, however in severe cases a second application may be necessary. We do ask that all requests for second treatments be made only after the product has had sufficient time to perform its function. Typically three to seven days is the life cycle of our products. If after cleaning and two treatments, the odour persists. The contaminants have likely reached the under-pad or the interior foam.

On these special occurrences the options are to either inject the foam or pad directly with an appropriate disinfectant or physically remove the contaminated portion of the pad or foam. The decision to have any deodorizer disinfectant or anti-microbial disinfectant applied is made solely by the homeowner in consultation with the technician.

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